Instructions for updating the TradeWeb URL in Desktop ASN

  1. Download the patch file by clicking on this link sp2003Mar30.EXE
  2. Save the file to a Directory on your Computer's C: Drive (or the Drive where you have Desktop ASN loaded if not C:).
  3. Before starting the update, open Desktop ASN, click on "Help", then click "About" and confirm the version of Desktop ASN that you are running (1.1 or 1.2). This will be needed during the upgrade. Make sure to shut down Desktop ASN before running the update.
  4. Go into Windows Explorer to the directory where you stored the file and double-click on the file (sp2003Mar30.EXE).
  5. You will see a window titled "Desktop ASN TradeWeb Communication Service Pack". Click on the "Finish" button which will extract files to run the update to your \Windows\Temp directory. When you see "Extraction Completed", click "OK" to begin the update.
  6. Read the Service Pack Instructions and click "Yes" if you want to continue with the install.
  7. In the "Desktop ASN Web Settings" window, select (highlight by left clicking) the "Desktop ASN 1.# Update" you need to run, this depends on your version of Desktop ASN (either 1.1 or 1.2) which you checked in the third bullet above. Then click "Next". Currently, there is no need to run the other options you see in this window. They are there for utility purposes in the event of an issue and support personnel could ask you to use them. You should save this service pack file when done.
  8. When you see the "Congratulations" message click "Finish" to shut down the update.
  9. To confirm if the update completed properly, open Desktop ASN, click on "Tools", and then click "Options". Click on the "GE Tradeweb" tab and confirm the URL has been changed to If you see this, the update has been made.